Welcome to Higher Ed Without Borders

Welcome to Higher Ed without Borders a podcast series dedicated to education professionals worldwide.  The series is hosted by Dr. Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke of Edu Alliance. Each episode is a conversation with thought leaders that will enlighten and provide some new thoughts on critical issues facing higher education.  

The series examines critical issues in higher education, including leadership, online learning, international partnerships, retention, academic programming, student mobility, funding and governance, marketing, and reputation.

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DISCLAIMER: Higher Ed Without Borders is not in any way affiliated with Doctors Without Borders, which is a registered trademark of Bureau International de Médecins Sans Frontières.

Higher Ed Without Borders Dr. Ehab Abdel-Rahman Dr. Ehab Abdel-Rahman, Provost of The American University in Cairo In this episode, Dr. Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke, founders of Edu Alliance, speak with Dr. Ehab Abdel Rahman, Provost of The American University in Cairo.

Higher Ed Without Borders Dr. Frank Dooley Dr. Frank Dooley, Chancellor Purdue University Global. Dr. Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke Senthil and Dean speak with Dr. Dooley about Purdue Global and his personal leadership style. Purdue Global has an enrollment of approximately 36,000 students, most of whom earn their degrees online. 

Higher Ed Without Borders Dr. Allan Goodman Dr. Allan Goodman, CEO of the Institute of International Education (IIE). Dr. Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke speak with Dr. Allan Goodman, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of International Education, which was founded in 1919. IIE promotes the exchange of scholars and students, rescues scholars, students, and artists from persecution, displacement, and crises, conducts research on international academic mobility, and administers the Fulbright program sponsored by the United States Department of State.

Higher Ed Without Borders, Dr. James Henderson – Dr. James Henderson, President University of Louisiana System . Dr. Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke speak with Dr. Jim Henderson, President of the University of Louisiana System a multi-university campus system with an enrollment of approximately 90,000 students. In a wide-ranging conversation, Jim discussed the university system, his and the university system’s commitment to lifelong learning, and the critical role of higher education.

Higher Ed Without Borders Dr. Mariet WestermannDr. Mariët Westermann is the vice chancellor of New York University, Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. Nathan and Hoke speak with Dr. Mariët Westermann, who oversees all its academic and administrative affairs. NYUAD is a world-class research university with a liberal arts and science college at its core.

Higher Ed Without Borders Dr. Gil Latz— Dr. Gil Latz is the Vice Provost for Global Strategies and International Affairs at Ohio State University, located in Columbus, Ohio. Nathan and Hoke speak with Dr. Gil Latz, who also serves as President of the Ohio State University Global Gateway Network and oversees offices in Shanghai, Mumbai, and Sao Paulo.

Higher Ed Without Borders Dr. Tony Chan – Dr. Tony Chan President of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) located in Saudi Arabia. Founded in 2009, it is the first mixed-gender university campus in Saudi Arabia and has an enrollment of over 1,600 all graduate and Ph.D. students. It is ranked as one of the top 3 universities in the Arab World.

Higher Ed Without Borders Dr. Tarek Sobh – Dr. Tarek Sobh is President of Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, Michigan, with an enrollment of approximately 3,000 students. Dr. Sobh assumed the position of President in January 2022.

Higher Ed Without Borders Dr. Matthew Wilson – Dr. Matthew Wilson is the Dean and President of Temple University Japan Campus. Temple University Japan was founded in 1982 and has nearly 4,000 students in Tokyo and Osaka.

Higher Ed Without Borders Dr. Samantha Alvis—Dr. Samantha Alvis is the senior Advisor for Higher Education for USAID. In this role, she provides technical support to field offices to design activities that engage higher education institutions or post-secondary student populations and works to advance higher education programming across sectors within the Agency.

Higher Ed Without Borders Dr. Peter Wells—Dr. Peter Wells. Peter is Chief of the Section for Higher Education at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, where he is Secretary to the UNESCO Conventions on the Recognition of HE qualifications for academic mobility, oversees the UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs program, and most recently, the UNESCO 3rd World Conference on Higher Education. 

Higher Ed Without Borders Dr. Cynthia Jackson Hammond – Dr. Cynthia Jackson Hammond, President of the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). She has been a member of the higher education community for over 30 years. Her professional career has included tenured and administrative positions in universities throughout various regions of the United States.