Welcome to Higher Ed without Borders a podcast series dedicated to education professionals worldwide.  The series is hosted by Dr Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke managing partners in Edu Alliance. Each episode is a conversation with thought leaders that will enlighten and provide some new thoughts on critical issues facing higher education.  

The series will examine critical issues in higher education including; technology, online learning, international partnerships, recruitment, retention, academic programming, evaluation and analysis, student mobility, funding and governance, marketing, and institutional reputation.

Higher Education Digest recently posted an article on the launching of the series. The article goes into detail about the focus of the series and our first guests. The series begins on June 7th.


Higher Ed Without Borders – What Makes This New Series Unique?

Dr.Senthil Nathan and Dean Hoke, founders of Edu Alliance, a higher education consulting firm, discuss why they created this international higher education interview series and what makes it unique.